White Marble

Volakas Marble

The most famous marble of Greece. Grey – brown and blue lines, usually diagonal with very white background. Quarries are in Volakas village area, very close to Drama city.

Thassos Marble

Thassos is the oldest and most famous marble all over the world. One of the few white materials used to the biggest projects and mosques in the world. Coming from Thassos island. Crystalic dolomite marble.

Heraclea White Marble

White diagonal crystal veins marble, in grey or brown color. Suitable for any interior or exterior application.

Kyknos Marble

White marble with grey lines or dots. Very famous material used in big projects and special sizes. Quarry is in Drama (Macedonia, Greece).

Alexander White Marble

Very white background material with strong grey or blue veins, usually diagonal. Suitable for any interior or exterior application.